Jazz at The Taylor: Born to Be Wild--The Buffalo Jazz Octet Plays the Music of '68

By Kenan Center (other events)

Saturday, June 23 2018 7:30 PM 9:30 PM

The Buffalo Jazz Octet will perform the music of 1968, with arrangements of tunes made famous by legendary rock icons such as the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles and Steppenwolf. The concert will take place at the Taylor Theater on Saturday, June 23, 2018. This musical evening marks the fourth in a series of six programs in the Jazz at The Taylor concert series, produced by Kathleen Rooney in collaboration with the Kenan Center. The show begins at 7:30 PM in the converted carriage house on the Kenan Center’s campus, providing an intimate, club-like atmosphere. The concert features two full sets of music with refreshments available.

1968 is a year that many consider to be a turning point in American history. It was a year of social and political upheaval: the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, demonstrations against the escalating Vietnam war and for Black Power and Women’s Lib.  And alongside all of it, the amazing music of 1968 reflected the aspirations and significance of the rising youth culture. 

Fifty years later, the fearless Buffalo Jazz Octet will take on this fierce and still-relevant music. The band will reimagine some of 1968's most potent anthems, including The Beatles' "Blackbird" and "Hey Jude,” The Rolling Stones' "Street Fighting Man,” and Jimi Hendrix's "House Burning Down,” songs that reflect the turbulence of that eventful year and that continue to resonate in today’s culture. 

Critic, Jeff Simon in The Buffalo News, called the Buffalo Jazz Octet a “terrific” band that “knows its Mingus, its Sun Ra and its AACM too,” and former Village Voice reviewer Tom Hull called the Octet “a remarkable large free jazz ensemble, with brisk and energetic group improv that never breaks down.”

Members of the Buffalo Jazz Octet include several musicians who have wowed audiences at the Taylor Theater in previous concerts: Kelly Bucheger, alto saxophone; Tim Clarke, trumpet; Joe Goehle, bass, and John Bacon, drums.  Rounding out the group and new to the Taylor are Nelson Rivera, tenor saxophone; Steve Baczkowski, baritone saxophone; Phil Sims, trombone and leader Michael McNeill, on piano.

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433 Locust Street, Lockport NY 14094