Kenan Member Mural Project Phase II

By Kenan Center (other events)

Saturday, September 21 2019 3:00 PM 7:00 PM

The Kenan Member Mural Project: Phase II

During the upcoming Niagara Barbeque Brewfest on September 21 at the Kenan Center, artist Chris Kameck will install The Kenan Member Mural Project: Phase II.

The mural will be comprised of portraits taken by Parrish Gibbons Herzog of Kenan Members, past and present, as well as Kenan Center affiliates, volunteers, supporters and staff. Our goal with the mural project is to highlight the individuals that are the fabric of the Kenan Center community.

Be a part of this special project!

All donations of $100 and above will be recognized during the Niagara Barbeque Brewfest and receive two tickets to the event. The event will showcase local barbeque, craft beer and cider with music by Freightrain!

All levels of donations will be given listed recognition at the Niagara Barbeque Brewfest.


For tickets to the Niagara Barbeque Brewfest ONLY click here.

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